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Power Me Up with PURELY PINOLE

About the Power of Pinole

What is Pinole?


Revered for centuries for its power to provide energy and sustain endurance, pinole's use dates back to the Aztecs, whose warriors used it as fuel for going into battle. Still today it is a food staple of the famous Tarahumara Indians of the Sierra Madre in Mexico, who run hundreds of miles over rugged terrain nearly barefoot.

(See the amazing book Born to Run for more about this incredible tribe.)

Pinole is a stone-milled blend of three things: maize, cacao, and cinnamon. This blend is cooked with milk as a warm, filling porridge or mixed into a drink. Our Purely Pinole hot cereals bring to life an ancient recipe that combines a rare, heritage purple maize (a special ancient grain varietal from the Andes, incredibly nutrient-rich compared to today's corn) that is lightly roasted and stone milled with cacao and cinnamon.

The Power of Purely Pinole


We love the power of pinole as a delicious, powerful energy source from Latin America. We've gone back and captured an ancient recipe that is packed with nutrients, using heritage ingredients like our rare purple maize, that delivers 30% more protein and fiber than today's varietals. It also delivers unparalleled levels of anthocyanins (an antioxidant compound) as well as key vitamins and minerals. 

We grow these ingedients with small family farmers, ensuring you get only the best and purest  available. For more information or to try our Purely Pinole products, check out www.PurelyPinole.com.

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