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A Letter from the Founders

We are a tribe of adventurers. We are fiercely passionate about life, discovery, and about taking every moment to explore and uncover the vast beauty and ancient wisdom of our planet. We are explorers and go-getters. We travel to the far reaches of the world, from the remote corners to the mountaintops.

What drives us? We love experiencing cultures both old and new. We love discovering places that are known, unknown, and sometimes untouched. Our mission is purposeful. We seek to connect, to learn, and to share what has been passed down for centuries. To bring you that which nourishes the mind, body, and soul.

Our Responsibility

We also believe in protecting our beautiful planet. We strive to ensure the unique ingredients that we bring you are ethically and responsibly sourced. We work to minimize our carbon footprint and support our clean waterways. Our mission is to make an impact both locally and globally by supporting farmers all over the world. 
We are a small family here at Native State and it is our hope that you will join us on this journey. Together we can build a better future for the next generation by supporting communities, protecting our earth, and striving to make a difference, no matter how small, every single day. 

So go. Discover more, explore further, and enjoy the journey.

Angela & Claudio

Founders, Native State Foods