8 Jun 2018

Purely Pinole Pancakes

The Color Purple—a great novel, film, and musical! But also a great way to introduce the awesomeness of purple-colored food... in fact, the amount of powerful benefits to purple foods is why nutritionists say that purple is the new green. So, what exactly is it that makes purple foods so attractive to the experts in health and fitness? For starters, purple foods contain high levels of antioxidants, particularly in the form of anthocyanins. For a

15 Oct 2017

Pinole Chocolate Dessert Bites!

Attention all chocolate lovers! We have a new treat to excite your taste buds! Not sure what to bring to that upcoming holiday party? Have family coming over and need something quick and easy? Well look no further! Our chefs have whipped up the perfect recipe that is delicious AND nutritious! Introducing Purely Pinole Chocolate Dessert Bites  These bites are tasty, super fast to make and great to share. PLUS, they're much better for you than Aunt

20 Jul 2017


The Newest and Most Innovative Natural & Organic Options the Food Industry Has to Offer: My Personal Fave! Guest Blog Post by Elise Deming, Registered Dietitian Nutritionist Elise Deming is a registered Retail Dietitian Nutritionist in N.J. For more nutrition tips and recipes, visit her Instagram account @eat.with.elise. Originally posted on Philly.com At the Specialty Food Show last month in Edison, N.J. I was able to see the newest and most innovative natural and organic options that the food

28 Jun 2016

Very Berry Breakfast Bowl

There are countless ways to enjoy pinole in your daily diet. You can even blend it together with other power foods and your favorite toppings! Here's one recipe that we know you'll love and whose nutritional benefits practically leap off the page!  Special thanks to our friends at Thrive Market for this delicious recipe!!